Knighthood – 002

Gotham City, 2009.

13 years have gone by since what has now been called “The Wayne Tragedy” and Alfred has been taking charge of Wayne Industries since.  Stocks have gone higher and the company has gone far from being bankrupt. However, time had caught up with Alfred. The former butler had gotten old and weary after years of service. “The time’s come, I suppose. Another suitor to take my place. But where will I find that person? Perhaps there is a chance…” Alfred leaves the building and heads towards his limo parked outside. Once entering the limo, the driver asked “And where are we going today, sir?” With a slight bit of hesitation, Alfred replied “Arkham Asylum”.

Whilst at Arkham Asylum, Alfred had a little conversation with Ms. Quinzel. “Alfred! It’s been a while since your last visit! How’s everything been?” “All the better, Ms. Quinzel. I’m here to visit Bruce. How much has he progressed?” “Since your last visit, he has started to develop a bit of communication, though he speaks rarely to me and the staff. However, maybe he’ll improve on that with your presence.” “I should hope so.”

Holly and Alfred arrive in Bruce’s cell. Once, arriving however, a young child was spotted in front of the cell window.

“Harley! Get away from there right now! I knew I shouldn’t have brought you here…”

“I’m sorry, mom. I got bored.”

“And given the amount of lunatics here ,you still thought it was a good idea to roam around like that?”

“Uh, pardon me, madam but-

“Oh! Sorry, Alfred. This is my daughter, Harleen. She likes to be called Harley, though.” “Nice to meet you, young girl.” “Nice to meet you too, Mr.Pennyworth!”

Holly interrupts their conversation. “(clears throat) So, why don’t we get back to business? He’s right down there, Alfred. Alfred walks down the hallway and reaches Bruce’s cell, in which he sees a 21 year old Bruce , sitting in a chair, looking down at the ground. “Master Bruce, it’s me. Alfred. I’ve come to visit you.” Bruce makes a slight turn to glance at Alfred, before looking back at the floor. “Master Bruce, please respond. It’s not often that I come to visit you. Please say something.” There was no answer. Alfred sighed and started to walk away until…

“Do you know?”

A spooked Alfred turns back to the cell, as he hears his former master speak to him for the first time. “W…What?” “Do you know what’s been going through my mind since that day? It makes people like Jack The Ripper seem like an average Joe. I’ve been thinking A LOT since that day. How the world must have changed since I was here, how shit today’s music must be, and especially a way to…” “A way to what, sir?”

“…A way to be free.”

“And believe me, I’ve tried to break free, but even so, I’m still here. I’ve tried using ropes, chemicals, knives, but even so I’m stuck in this shit environment, entangled in a web of horror, and no matter what I do, it doesn’t change. But you know what, Alfred. I’ve realized something. No matter what you do in life…”

As Bruce slowly turns towards his old butler, Alfred could do nothing but look in horror at his former master and, with a distraught look, do nothing but exclaim “Dear god.” There stands Bruce Wayne, with multiple wounds on his neck and wrists, a bit of stubble, with the most wicked smile on his face. Wayne then lets out the words…

“It’s all part of the Master plan.”


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